Avoid Time Stealers

During a project, many distractions can occur that take time and focus away from the mission of the project — ultimately reducing the effectiveness of the project. Use time management strategies analyze your time and see how you may be both the cause and the solution to time challenges such as:

  • Procrastination and indecision
  • Acting with incomplete information
  • Dealing with conflicting personalities
  • Crisis management
  • Tasks you should have delegated
  • Unclear communication
  • Inadequate technical knowledge
  • Unclear objectives and priorities
  • Lack of planning Inability to say "no"

Planning Allows Time for the Most Important Things

Effectively managing your time is not hard to do. The lesson to learn is that the more time we spend planning our project tasks and activities, the more time we will have to perform those activities. By setting goals, eliminating time stealers, and prioritizing tasks, you will find you have extra time at the project to spend on those people and activities that are most important.