Britneys VISTA Adventure

Alumni story
Britney Compton 2012 2013 Kansas City
St. Patrick's Day Parade Literacy Tutor Recruiting "Literacy Takes You Anywhere"

The five of us AmeriCorps VISTAs started the first day at Turn the Page KC with an understanding that we were to set the standard of Turn the Page KC.  It was a new initiative, and we were playing a vital role in how it would turn out.  We recruited, spoke about, and developed tools to aid early literacy in Kansas City.  We faced difficulties, timelines and many "no"s, but we persevered.  It is exciting to know that from this year forward, Turn the Page KC is what it is because we were there.  I am excited to hear about the accomplishments of the VISTAs taking our places; I am excited to see Turn the Page KC flourish in the community.  I take with me friendships, mentors, and knowledge that I would not have been given had I not become an AmeriCorps VISTA.  I leave this year and enter an AmeriCorps SN position; I cannot express the experience gained from these commitments.

Decade: 2010s