Director of Long Term Recovery

Alumni story
Connie 1997 1998 Minot
Heart for Africa Children

My favorite quote is "It's never to late to reinvent yourself and follow your dreams."

In 1992 I walked through the doors of Minot State University, a 46 year old single Mom with 5 children. I was determined to achieve my life long dream of earning a degree in Sociology and eventually working with orphans in Africa. I graduated in 1997 with my degree and decided to give one year in service to America with Americorp Vista. The year became the turning point in reinventing my life. Working under the supervision of Minot Housing Authority I become the coordinator of an Entrepenuerial Training Program, assisting those in our community who wanted to start a business. In the following year over 300 persons attended these training sessions and 50 new business were started. In 2000 I was awarded one of of the "Top 100 Best Practices" nationwide from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Five years later I flew to Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. That year I founded the "Heart for Africa" missions. I continue to travel to Africa to work with orphans and women in poverty. I have taught the same Entrepreneur Training Program in Kenya and Uganda. Many of these women have started businesses in their small villages. My story was featured in Minot State Univerity Connections magazine. Ja Ja Con, meaing Grama Connie is what they affectionately call me in Africa.

My children are now all grown and I am the proud Grama of 24 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. God has blessed me and my life is full.



Decade: 1990s