Jackie Garvey served in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1985.

Alumni story
Jackie Garvey 1985 Indianapolis

I began as a VISTA in 1985 with the Indiana Juvenile Justice Task Force (IJJTF) where I researched effective prevention initiatives for youth. That work led to meeting many city and state leaders in juvenile justice, education, and non-profit organizations. The IJJTF hired me after my year as a VISTA as a program coordinator for a drug and alcohol prevention program for teens. 

This began 13 years of youth work in school-based service-learning programs, both as a staff and as a consultant. I helped direct two AmeriCorps programs in Indiana and my son was an AmeriCorps member in 2000!  Following my work in service-learning, I began working on behalf of families and education. I have been the Executive Director of The Indiana Partnerships Center (Indiana's Parent Information & Resource Center) since 2001. My year as a VISTA changed my life and led me to years of rewarding work and service to youth and families!! 

Decade: 1980s