Jenine Smith served in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Alumni story
Jenine Smith 1983 1985 Butler

My VISTA service was for an education agency that had more to it than your typical institution. Several programs were housed in this agency and it was very viable to the Butler County community. Seeing first hand people who had been denied an education for whatever reason finally receive their GED or learn to read was very rewarding. Senior citizens had a program they could count on for help, students in trouble had a voice they could turn to whenever they needed it and families about to lose their home or utilities had an advocate. 

Helping people achieve their goals inspired me to get degrees in Business Administration, Human Resources and Arts Management while working for a major financial corporation. I continue to volunteer in the community (now Pittsburgh) and with various national organizations (ex Farm Aid). My passion is to have a non-profit to help others achieve their goals in the arts, healthy life styles and business. 


Decade: 1980s