John (Jack) Gilbert

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John (Jack) Gilbert 1970 1971 Sacramento
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Jack Gilbert

I am the niece of John (Jack) Gilbert, who was a VISTA volunteer in the late 1960's/early 1970's. He was working with the Hispanic community in California, near Sacramento.

Jack died on September 1, 2010, but for many years he regaled the family with stories of his experiences and adventures during the time he was involved with VISTA. He also worked in Canton, OH with senior volunteers. Jack devoted his life to helping others, and was the most selfless person I knew. I had the privilege of assisting him during the last years of his life as he battled Alzheimer's. One of the last sentences he could still say was "Volunteers in Service to America", whenever I mentioned VISTA.

He never married and he lived alone his entire life. I miss Jack, but I know that he lives on in those whose lives he touched.

God bless the work you do.

Submitted by Jeannie Lohmeyer

Decade: 1970s