Lawrence Mitts served in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Alumni story
Lawrence Mitts 2007 2010 Tangipahoa Parish

I retired from Shell Oil Company in 2003 and as circumstances developed I needed to continue working so this opportunity became the job I needed and the work I love.

In August of 2007, I contacted United Way (UW) because I needed help to keep my wife and me from becoming homeless. UW worked with me and got my mortgage company to hold off eviction to allow us to sell our home. As a result, we did not become homeless, even though it took 7 months for the house to sell. In the interview process with UW, I was introduced to the VISTA Rep. and invited to apply. I did. I was accepted and actually took over the job of the woman that helped me at UW. Three years and a million and a half dollars later, I was hired by UW to continue the program I worked on. Now, every day, I continue to fight poverty by helping to bring in the funds to keep programs alive and running which affect the daily lives of my friends and neighbors. In this manner, I have begun a new opportunity for myself.

I have served 3 years in the capacity of Resource Development with United Way of Greater New Orleans serving Tangipahoa. In this job, I have been involved in all phases of fund raising for a non-profit. The experience was exceptional to say the least.


Decade: 2010s