Lesley Hanson served in New Haven, Connecticut in the 1980s.

Alumni story
Lesley Hanson 1983 1984 New Haven

I worked as a VISTA volunteer from 1983-1984 and then again from 1989-1992. I enjoyed my 4 1/2 years of service working for VISTA. I worked for many non-profit organizations in the clerical position. I would answer telephones, alphabetize personnel records and telephone books, etc. I also attended many VISTA In-Service training. 

The non-profit organizations that I worked for are as follows: 
* Umoja Juvenile Program 1983-1984 
* Training and Employment Institute 1989-1990 
* Youth-At-Risk 1990-1991 
* Urban League of Greater New Haven 1991-1992 
I really enjoyed my years of Service working for VISTA and I also received a certificate of Appreciate from President Bush in celebrating VISTA's 25th anniversary.

Decade: 1980s