A path out of abuse

Alumni story
Margie Prindle Covington

Margie Prindle served in the early 1980s in Covington, Kentucky. 

I began as a volunteer for the Women's Crisis Center of Northern Kentucky. Having been a battered wife, I felt I had something to contribute and a strong desire to make the path out of abuse easier for others than it had been for me. 
VISTA funded a new position that was offered to me as Children's Program Director. The task was to create a program for the children and to keep up their schooling. I worked with their schools, to get their assignments, provided assistance and discipline to homework assignments. Most of our activities were free. 
I wanted to provide activities that could continue after the shelter stay. Most of these women were leaving their income source and entering poverty without the abusive spouse. We made collages of things gathered on our river walks, played in parks, games, trips to the library etc. Resources were also developed for a few more expensive activities. We had use of the Brighton Center van and the YMCA facilities; free tickets to Kings Island and other donations. 
I served one year, launching the new program to provide activities for children in the women's shelter. My belief was that by involving mothers with their children in these activities, the experiences could help mothers focus on their children and increase their confidence in a future without the abuser. There are times though, when a stressed mother needs time to herself or to take care of business, so I provided this also. 
The goal of my service was to get something started and that goal was met. The program continued with an educated professional to expand what had begun.

Decade: 1980s