Robert Leslie Fisher served in Summit, IL and Lackawanna, NY from 1969 to 1971

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Robert Leslie Fisher 1969 1971 Summit
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Robert Leslie Fisher

My VISTA service in 1969-1970 was in Summit, IL with Cook County, which led me to working in the drug/alcoholism treatment field as a researcher. My second term was in Lackawanna, NY at the Lackawanna Community Health Center. After VISTA, I worked with the county government in Erie County, NY and continued with a career in the New York state government in Albany and New York City.

During my VISTA service, I wrote proposals for alcoholism treatment and did a survey for the community based health care facility I was assigned to in Lackawanna, NY. This kind of experience and other work did serve me well in my career with the county and state government. I also worked on patient's rights advocacy and health care reform of the Medic-ILL program. This work has served me well. I've been an activist for health care reform during the overhaul of health insurance in the United States by the Obama Administration.

Decade: 1960s