Unexpected Journey

Alumni story
Carol Thornton 2012 2013 Tuscumbia
CERT Community Emergency Response Teams
Volunteer to Prepare!

When I first came to volunteer with Miller County Emergency Management it was something I had experience with from being a US military veteran.  When I was asked to volunteer as an AmeriCorps VISTA  member I did not know what they meant.  It has been a wonderful experience this past year finding out what it means.

The community I serve is comprised of many towns and we are in the rural area of Missouri.  There are extremes beyond belief from flash flooding to ice storms.  My mission of service is to assist as the local emergency response committee and serve along side of our local emergency director here in the county.  

The opportunities I have been given for education while servicing have been fantastic.  They are directly related to the service and assist in providing emergency preparedness through a program called "Community Emergency Response Team"  or CERT, a 20-hour local program that promotes collaboration within our community through teams that come to the aid of the people during incidents.

I look forward to continuing another year and am grateful to be able to serve our local community.  The friends and fellow service members of PAVE AmeriCorps that I have made along the way are numerous and will be with me forever.


Decade: 2010s