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    R.A. Holt 2020 2021 KC

    Class Is In Session!


    Although my educational background with the criminal justice systems is not extensive, in the mid-2000s, I was an employee for the county in public service as an Administrative Assistant for the Department of Community Corrections. Before too long, I realized there was a greater need in terms of service to others. And while a full-time employee in the daytime, after work, I immersed myself in core learning; however, when I took the introductory course to Sociology, it was social problems that profoundly impacted my decision to major in Sociology. My goal from then on was to learn more about our social systems, including institutions, organizations, groups, attitudes, beliefs, and all sorts of topics relative to socioeconomic advantages and disadvantages. 


    I learned about AmeriCorps during a hiatus from school and applied to become a VISTA.  From that point, I accepted a role as a Reentry Specialist, and I am engaging in a capacity-building project for ex-offender programming. Although the reentry project is a work in progress, and we are working on widening our lenses to learn more about effective delivery of services, I firstly wish to express my gratitude for AmeriCorps mostly, for providing a structured foundation for volunteering. And secondly, for the AmeriCorps VISTA Campus, where I have the opportunity to access and gain knowledge about measuring the project's outcome. With the AmeriCorps VISTA Campus' 24-hour/365-day accessibility capable of helping evaluate the project's success. The AmeriCorps VISTA Campus is overflowing with information relevant to all elements of the VAD management. VISTA's, rest assured that your 12 months of service will be positively impacted, with ongoing support from the AmeriCorps VISTA Campus.  


    Before closing this story of service, I wholeheartedly encourage organizations partnering with AmeriCorps to use a widened lensed approach to using the AmeriCorps VISTA Campus and most certainly hope everyone uses it to increase the chances of success before, during and, after the conclusion of their project(s). I sustained myself by frequenting the AmeriCorps VISTA Campus and sincerely thank AmeriCorps enough for the brilliance that went into creating and providing the structure for gaining insights on effective project management. For this reason and more, I wish my alumni story to include highlighting the AmeriCorps Vista Campus content, material, and resources. 


    Thank you, AmeriCorps and AmeriCorpsVISTA Campus facilitators. I couldn't do this without YOU! 


    To Be Continued: rh

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    Adrianna Holmes 2021 West Point

    I'm still new to VISTA, but it has already felt like this is a job where you can get use to serving for a greater purpoe. I didnt expect to grow for a place so soon but I have grown and learned so much in these few weeks and I look forward to learning more.

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    Patrick Tschida 2019 2020 Minneapolis

    After having served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania in the 1980's, I'd always wanted to also do Americorps/VISTA.

    This opportunity came up to serve as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) - Minnesota Chapter. I began in July, 2019, a few weeks earlier than my official orientation and swearing-in. I was anxious to get working, since my 97-year-old mom had just passed away a month earlier on June 5th. I was grieving deeply but knew that she would have wanted me to pack all that I can into my life. So, sitting around wallowing in my grieve was not going to happen.

    I was interviewed and hired by development director (PW). The executive director, (JH), is an extremely charismatic leader. He was always on the go, meeting after meeting. I was able to attend on of his trainings  on "Muslims in the Workplace" at the headquarters of a large financial institution based in Minneapolis. There were about 40 people in the conference/training center, and about another 40 on remote screen (South Africa and the UK). 

    The year had a lot of ups and downs, including several Somali owned businesses being vandalized, Rep. Ilhan Omar & Rep. Rashida Thlaib presenting to donors in the church basement, and the protest during the Oct. 2019 visit/rally downtown by the current sitting president....

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    Jayde Rankin 2019 2022 Tacoma

    I served at the Pierce County Medical Reserve Corps which is a non-profit organization partnered with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. I served from 2019 to 2020. During my time of serving at my site I have not only been welcomed by fellow MRC volunteers and board members, but also the Health Department Staff I collaborated with along with the community as a whole. When I've been asked about my site or our mission I am so excited to share the work that I've been fortunate enough to be a part of. I know my journey with the Pierce County MRC will not end with my service, as I have had such a great time serving the community and making a true difference. From our routine clinics to homeless response and now responding to a pandemic I have been blown away by my organization and our volunteers. I  love seeing the enthusiasm from our volunteers and just experiencing selflessness of people who want to help vulnerable populations in their community, it inspired me so much to be a better advocate and member of my community. 

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    Chaketha Samilton 2020 2021 Oklahoma City

    Having fun on my new assignment with COWIB. This year is going to be awesome.

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    Marisela Rivera 2019 2020 Carolina, Puerto Rico

    In a wonderful year full of unforgettable experiences.  deeply proud to say that I was seen AmeriCorps Vista. Thanks.

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