Feedback & Evaluation

Evaluation and feedback are different than reflection. Evaluation is about the actual project — the work, planning, coordination, delivery, implementation, logistics, and management. Feedback is a gift. Use it as an opportunity to reflect on the overall management and implementation of the project. You can use many methods to solicit feedback from volunteers, staff, community members, and others.

The most popular, time-efficient way to get feedback on-site is to ask those involved to complete an evaluation form at the end of the project before everyone leaves. Doing this allows the volunteer experience to stay fresh in their minds; you can get immediate feedback from volunteers very quickly. Do not ask volunteers to put their names on these forms; people are more comfortable giving anonymous feedback. Do not react or respond to any feedback given while at the project site. If a volunteer gives you his/her name and contact information, you should call him/her soon after the project to discuss matters further.

If immediate feedback is not an option, you can mail or e-mail participants a feedback form within a week of the project. You can attach a feedback form to the thank you letter or follow-up correspondence. If you are mailing the form, include a stamped return envelope; this increases the likelihood of getting a returned form. No matter the method of collection, do not be hesitant to ask your project leaders, volunteers, and service site contacts for their feedback. Most people will be happy that you asked.