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Hello im a VISTA in the middle of my year of service and am trying to prepare for my next adventure in life! I'm trying to update my resume with the experience i'm gaining from this year of service. There was a webinar offered for this, but unfortunately I was unable to participate. Does anyone have any advice, tips, info, pointers etc.?? 


Resume Writing: Your Service Experience Can Land You a Job was recorded on July 9 and will be posted on athe VISTA Campus by the end of the week. Keep looking for it on the Webinars for VISTA page accessed by the "Ongoing Learning" button found beneath the VISTA Events calandar. This webinar address just this question and more. I hope you can wait for it.

Sharon Rabb

Project Specialist

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How do you translate VISTA service to your resume?

Through your VISTA service you’re building skills, gaining experience, creating resources and making lifelong connections. How do you translate the activities and knowledge you have gained to your resume and future career?

Join us to discover what you can do during service to boost your post-service job search, including how to best describe service on a resume and how to prepare for and engage in career development.

After this webinar you will be able to:

  • Effectively translate the skills, experiences, and responsibilities of your VISTA service to your resume
  • Identify keywords and language for your resume that resonates with various job fields and sectors
  • Build a collection of professional development activities, work samples, and accolades to share when applying for opportunities

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Translating VISTA Service to Your Resume and Career

Thursday, April 9th, 2015
2:00-3:30 pm ET
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I am very glad that there are such courses. I recently found a website about writing a resume. I liked it. I understood the basic rule. You have to write the whole truth

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