Los Angeles non-profits?

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I just finished my VISTA service term, and I'm relocating to Los Angeles for graduate school! I'm looking for degree-related volunteer or internship opportunities related to community health, violence prevention, urban gardening, or family support networks. I'm not familiar with the area, and if anyone has a good service provider or organization to recommend, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you all so much!

Hi Willeta,
I don't know if you have already relocated to L.A., but if you have, try dialing 211.  You will be directed to a call database that has information regarding the available non-profits/resources in the area.  
Other than that, check with your university.  I recently graduated from UCLA and I know of several internship/volunteer opportunities in regards to community health.  Most are directed towards undergrads, but I could still relay the names to you if you would like!
And, welcome to LA! 

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