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Closing date: 17 December 2019

To serve as a Team Leader of the Member Support Unit (MSU) and its approximately 6 to 8 Member Support Specialists. Provides day-to-day oversight of unit’s work, provides advice and assistance to team members, and personally performs work typical of the unit. Specific responsibilities of the MSU include: approving NCCC member relocation and close of service travel benefits; providing on-site staff support at campuses; activating candidates based upon receipt and review of documentation; processing the member through the portal for payroll related actions; answering member questions during the year of service via email and phone; and processing early termination or requests for extension and re-enrollment or close of service for the member. Independently performs assigned duties within defined guidelines and provides workload updates/reports to the MSU Director who oversees management of the unit.

Team Leadership:  Oversees day-to-day work of the MSU, balancing workload among team members, and technically assists team members with questions regarding applicable policy, procedures and systems. Provides input to the MSU Director regarding team member performance and suggested recognition. Compiles workload and production reports for the MSU Director and suggests means of improving service delivery.

Member Service Processing: Upon placement of NCCC candidate, ensures that candidates enter required information into the portal prior, during, and after training. During members’ service, performs a wide range of support, including: troubleshooting child care applications, miscellaneous payroll actions such as early termination, close of service, extensions, reenrollments, and W-4 changes. Also processes requests for lost checks/direct deposits and prepares and processes obligations and payment vouchers for members’ travel reimbursements. In the event of member overpayment, assists in the collection of overpayments by notifying members. Supports end of service activities by helping departing member’s access associated documentation through the portal (e.g., future plans forms, payment vouchers, benefits election form, education award, service letters, interest accrual form).

Technical Systems: Serves as the office lead on knowledge of the My AmeriCorps portal. Provides assistance to applicants, candidates, members, alumni, supervisors, and CNCS staff, including MSU team members, in all aspects of the portal. This includes answering routine questions about the functionality of the portal (e.g. how to print a document) and questions about the forms on the portal. With the Director, serves as the MSU lead on OIT Modernization (Grants & Member Management system) project.

National Service Help Desk – Relationship Management: Serves as point of contact between the MSU and the contractor which operates the National Service Help Desk. Updates Help Desk staff on new member support processes. Troubleshoots software and member-specific problems to ensure timely resolution.

National Service Help Desk-Tier 2 Support:  Serves as a MSU Tier 2 agent responsible for receiving and responding to a wide variety of applicant, member, and alumni requests. Requests include forms completion, pay issues, travel benefits, in-service transfer, requests for health care, form changes, automobile accidents/on-the-assignment related injuries, forbearance requests, interest accrual procedures and form requests, W-2 reissue requests, and post-service inquiries.

Orientation Support: As required, provides preparatory, on-site, and follow- up support for NCCC campus site visits and training events. Support activities that include assembling documents for member processing, participating in logistical arrangements for the site visit, assisting with member training, and creating and finalizing files for members. Travels to campus to perform these duties as required.

Financial Controls: Ensures that adequate financial and budgetary controls are implemented throughout the creation, posting, and processing of travel obligations and reimbursements. Maintains auditable history of all obligation and reimbursement process actions. Ensures all member related actions specifically related to the NCCC payroll process (early terminations, transfers, changes in pay plans, etc.) are processed correctly and in a timely manner to avoid member under/overpayments and lapse in member benefits.

Policy Interpretation and Review: Applies relevant policy for all member support related issues in accordance with the NCCC Member Handbook, NCCC policy guidance and the NCCC Member Actions Guide. Educates and reinforces policy with members, CNCS staff, including MSU team members, and the public in accordance with guidelines, regulations and procedures. Serves as the NCCC MSU owner for all process and policy documents; develops an internal policies and procedures document and regularly reviews and recommends policy and procedural changes to improve business operations and mission delivery. Participates on policy projects and workgroups as assigned by the MSU Director.

Reords Management:Creates and secures all member files in accordance with the agency’s internal security and PII standards. Physically reviews active member files for accountability by conducting regular NCCC Service Year (quality assurance) report checks and follows up/troubleshoots for misplaced files. Conducts annual archiving of member records as assigned.

Reporting: Conducts routine reporting in support of customer service, workload and administrative functions using several resources (My AmeriCorps, Discoverer, eSpan, SharePoint, etc.).

Performs other duties as assigned.

Salary: $51,000 to $59,735 per year

This is a Term Appointment for an initial two-year period, but may be extended for a total of five years. This position may be made permanent without further competition. Additional positions may be filled should the need arise.

As an employee on a Term Appointment, you will not acquire competitive status and you will not be covered by the agency's Interchange Agreement with the Office of Personnel Management, which allows for noncompetitive transfer from CNCS to other agencies in the competitive service of the federal government. More information about interchange agreements can be found HERE.

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