Catholic Charities New Americans & Refugees VISTA Leader

Job posting
Closing date: 27 June 2019

The VISTA Leader will support the 20 VISTAs in the CCUSA New Americans Program by: *Ensuring peer learning and networking in support of member responsibilities; *Developing trainings and resources (promoted to attend one outside information gathering event a month); *Assisting with grants management and ensuring compliance across program sites, and *Managing members and project staff in data collection, reporting and analysis. The VISTA Leader will also assist the project director with coordination, communication, and record keeping. Please note applicants must have prior service experience through a full term of VISTA to be eligible for this position.

How to apply

Please apply through the My Americorps service listing link:

Feel free to reach out with any questions:


2050 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States
Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE):

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