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Closing date: 2 June 2019

The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) is the only national, multiissue advocacy organization in the United States with the mission to build collective power of those who identify as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) women and girls. Our primary policy areas of focus include:

● Reproductive Health Rights
● Economic Justice
● Immigrant Rights

NAPAWF’s mission is to build power of lives, families, and communities of AAPI women and girls. Founded in 1996, we are continuing to grow and create a dynamic organization including five staffed offices and more than 15 volunteer-led chapters throughout the country.

We are currently seeking an Organizing Manager for our Philadelphia office. The Organizing Manager will be the face of NAPAWF’s work in Philadelphia. This person will develop, drive, and grow NAPAWF’s work by further increasing our base & organizational capacity in Philadelphia. The Organizing Manager will also coordinate the leadership of the Philadelphia chapter by building relationships with a broad array of local non-profit and faith-based organizations, low wage workers, immigrant, and university student leadership centered on building power for those who identify as AAPI women and girls around a reproductive justice, economic justice and immigration agenda.


● Committed to Social Justice. You have a strong passion for social justice and are an advocate for women’s rights. You have at least a five year track record of community organizing and a proven ability to form strong community-based coalitions as well as mobilize grassroots movements and leadership.

● Community-Focused. You have a strong sense of community, and have developed close ties and working relationships with various community-based organizations in Philadelphia. You have reverence and empathy for all communities.

● Effective Communicator. You are known for your empathetic listening skills, ability to synthesize the needs of those your serve and work with, addressing them in a way that is transparent, collaborative and culturally responsive and competent. Adept in at least one Asian/ Pacific Islander language (i.e. Bangla, Khmer) and English, you have superb oral and written communication skills in all languages you speak, allowing you to be an effective communicator with multiple communities.

● Effective Project Manager. Accustomed to working in fast-paced environments, you are committed to getting results and able to handle a unique and dynamic workload. You are well-versed in project planning and can handle multiple projects at a time.

Organizational Impact & Outcomes for Success

Reporting to the National Field Director, the Managing Organizer will ensure NAPAWF’s unique intersectional perspective is brought to the forefront of reproductive justice work in the Philadelphia area.

The Managing Organizer will do this by:

● training local leadership and working with them to develop strong local & national campaign work
● supporting and mentoring junior organizers
● Identifying, planning for and leading various campaign opportunities with junior organizers’ support
● building relationships with community members and a broad array of non-profit, local government, and religious organizations
● playing a supportive role to several other chapters outside of Philadelphia


How to apply


This targeted search is being led by the executive search team at ATS+Partners. Interested candidates should share a copy of their latest resume, cover letter detailing relevant experiences to support their candidacy to our online application.


Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States
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