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Closing date: 1 June 2019

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) announces an open call for résumés from AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers and staff with noncompetitive eligibility (NCE). This is not a guarantee of employment. If your NCE has expired, we are also recruiting for veterans under VRA and individuals with qualiifying disabilities.

SSA is seeking job applicants with exceptional customer service skills for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) position in Lexington, KY. The CSR position is an entry-level position for SSA’s field offices. Incumbents are responsible for providing direct service to the public. They determine the nature of a visit/call and analyze relevant facts to resolve problems, screen for benefit eligibility, interpret correspondence and explain benefit amounts. Customer Service Representatives interview the public to process Social Security Numbers and Representative payee applications and accountings. They are responsible for timely input of reports of change for people already receiving a Social Security or SSI benefit. They must understand and be able to explain the technical provisions of the Retirement, Survivor, Medicare, Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Selections are normally made at the GS-5, GS-6, or GS-7 grade level. The full performance level of a Customer Service Representative position is GS-8.

QUALIFICATIONS: One year of specialized experience that is directly related to the position to be filled. This experience should equip the candidate with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully perform the duties of the position. Examples of specialized experience include applying and interpreting laws, rules, regulations and written guidelines; communicating orally in order to provide information, assistance, or instructions to members of the general public; performing administrative and clerical processes using a computer to reconcile discrepancies; and writing correspondence in response to inquiries.

SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION: Education may be substituted for experience and will be made in accordance with the OPM Operating Manual, Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions. Selectees who use education to qualify will be asked to provide official transcripts upon selection.

For GS-5: Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in any field leading to a bachelor’s degree. One year of study is defined as 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours.

For GS-6:Successful completion of at least one half an academic year of graduate education in a field that is directly related to the position. Examples of a field directly related: a major in Family Studies, Social Work, Business Administration or Public Administration

For GS-7: Successful completion of at least one academic year of graduate education in a field that is directly related to the position. Examples of a field directly related: a major in Family Studies, Social Work or Public Administration.

BENEFITS: Competitive salaries (GS-5=$33,949; GS-6=$37,843; GS-7=$42,053; GS-8=$46,572) ; locality pay and cost of living increases; promotion opportunities and career development; retirement plan, health coverage; eye exams and corrective lenses; life insurance; paid leave/holidays; flexible spending accounts.

How to apply

If interested, send a resume and a short cover letter to Lyman Russell (District Manager) at with the subject line: “AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer Employment Consideration.”  If your NCE has expired, and you are interested as a veteran under VRA or as an individual with a qualifying disability, please use the subject line: "Direct Hire Employment Consideration." 


2241 Buena Vista Rd. Suite 110
Lexington, KY 40505
United States
Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE):

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