Mayor's Initiative VISTA Lead

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Closing date: 23 November 2020

Mayor's Initiative VISTAs serve to increase the City's Capacity to Revitalize its neighborhoods, thereby improving the quality of life residents. The VISTA Lead acts as support to our VISTAs, employing conflict resolution skills, organizing professional development activities and coordinating national service days. The VISTA Lead also collaborates with the Chief Service Officer & VISTA Supervisor to gather data to honor performance measures. Interested candidates must have completed at least on year of service as an AmeriCorps member.

The VISTA Lead is pivotal in the recruitment of new and refinement of present Mayor's Initiate VISTA Members. (S)he cultivates a productive VISTA experience for service members, while developing ways to qualify and quantity progress under the direction of the Chief Service Officer and VISTA Supervisor. Facilitating new maintaining existing community partnerships, the VISTA Lead develops professional development training for our VISTA members and acts as a resource to create a better understanding of the program both internally and externally. 


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Birmingham, AL 35203
United States
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