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Closing date: 28 February 2020

The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship is a rigorous on-ramp to a teaching career -- offering you the field experience, knowledge and connections to ensure you thrive. The Teaching Fellowship provides a guided pathway into teaching for STEM industry professionals that can be started while you are still working.EnCorps is looking for passionate and driven STEM industry professionals who want to make a difference in urban education and have at least 3 years of full time work or research experience in a science, technology, engineering or math related industry, (see our full eligibility criteria.)


As an EnCorps Fellow Teaching Fellow:

·       Train to teach this winter by volunteering 2-5 hours per week in a local classroom as a guest teacher

·       Receive mentorship and coaching from EnCorps staff and an experienced host teacher

·       Complete teaching exams with support from EnCorps

·       In the spring, enter a teaching credentialing program, either in person or online

·       Engage in a robust slate of professional development and collaborate with a cohort of peers

·       Begin your teaching career in a school district or charter network by fall 2020 (or beyond if you wish for a longer transition timeline)

"I saw a spark in those kids, I want to see more of that. If I can be a little inspiration to them that would be worth it."
-EnCorps Fellow Erika Parker


How to apply

Apply online at by our SPRING DEADLINE: February 28, 2020



Find out more:

·       Visit our website or check out our next EnCorps Live Q & A Session

·       Get in touch with Tanja Schroeder, Southern California Recruitment Coordinator at or Sue Pitts, Northern California Recruitment Coordinator at


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