CCUSA New Americans and Family Strengthening VISTA Leader

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Closing date: 8 May 2020

Catholic Charities USA is a national organization that offers support to its 167 member agencies, provides disaster relief and promotes poverty-reduction through research & convening. The New Americans and Family Strengthening Program will impact over 2,000 low-income individuals per year and resulting in their improved financial self-sufficiency and community integration. 30 VISTA members will contribute to the goals of the project by performing activities such as volunteer recruitment and management, community and partnership outreach, fundraising through grant writing and other strategies, and creation of sustainable program resource materials over the course of three years. New Americans VISTAs working with refugee resettlement and legal immigration programs by recruiting, training, and managing volunteer that provide self-sufficiency services such as helping clients prepare for and seek out employment, enroll their children in school, access affordable housing, develop financial literacy, locate necessary items such as furniture, and also assist with transportation needs. VISTAs also assist with communications/social media, fundraising/grant writing, partnerships/outreach, and curriculum development. Family Strengthening VISTAs will be supporting Catholic Charities “foundational services,” services to low-income individuals along the entire spectrum of life: children, adults, elders, families, and communities. These foundational services include case management, adult and child literacy, employment assistance, mentorship, foster care, senior care, criminal justice ministries, health services, housing, food services, and more that address the unique needs of communities. Each AmeriCorps VISTA will have a unique, structured VAD with the objectives of their service to be completed in one year. These duties that build the capacity of family oriented programs have two main types of interventions: volunteer management and the two-generational framewor

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