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Closing date: 8 June 2020

The Social Security Admnistration is recruiting for qualified candidates for the Customer Service Representative position at the St. Petersburg, FL District Office. As the first point of contact in our offices, Customer Service Representatives are responsible for speaking with beneficiaries or inquirers in person or by telephone to provide information on Social Security laws, rules, and regulations.  This includes obtaining information to determine eligibility and entitlement for programs administered by SSA, and using state-of-the-art computer technology to access and update information about claims.  The position is especially suited for a flexible, service-oriented individual who enjoys the challenge of a fast-paced work environment.         


For 75 years, the Social Security Administration has served an important role in the lives of the American public.  Social Security has kept millions of elderly and disabled individuals safe from poverty.  With over 90% of the U.S. population covered by Social Security, new challenges require the dedication of a talented workforce that looks for opportunities to deliver service that meets the changing needs of the public.

Our employees serve people from all walks of life, and assist individuals in establishing entitlement to benefits under Social Security programs.  By working for the Social Security Administration, your graduates can make an important difference in the lives of so many people and their own.

The Social Security Administration offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits program that employees can customize for their individual medical and financial needs.  In addition to traditional "dollars and cents" benefits, we offer a range of benefits to help employees balance life with Social Security and life outside of work

We are looking for explorers to shape the future with us!


Applicants may apply for the position through April 24th


Applicants may apply for the position by forwarding their resume to: Social Security Administration, 30 DR MLK ST., South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, faxing their resume to: 727-823-3902 or emailing the resume to


  • The resume must be detailed to qualify an applicant for the appropriate grade level.  Qualifications may be based on education, experience, or a combination of the two.  To receive credit for experience, an applicant must provide a thorough description of experience in the resume including dates for each work experience listed.  The resume should explain an applicant's experience in all or most of the following areas:


              1) Applying laws, regulations and written guidelines;
              2) Communicating orally with members of the public;
              3) Writing correspondence in response to inquiries; and
              4) Experience working with computers.


  • To qualify for the position based on education, an applicant must upload a copy of their college transcript(s).  If a transcript is unavailable, a list of courses, semester/quarter hours, and grades is acceptable. This can be a current online version from the college/university.  Upon selection, an official transcript will be required.


    We have a proud history of outstanding public service and look forward to recruiting a qualified individual who can contribute to our on-going success.


    agency, using a wide variety of systems tools and applications. The position may be located in multiple components throughout the Operations structure, including Field Offices (FOs), Program Service Centers (PSCs), Foreign Service Posts (FSPs), Workload Service Centers (WSCs), Workload Support Units (WSUs), Teleservice Centers (TSCs) and the Office of Central Operations (OCO) Processing Centers (PCs). Performs duties involved in one or more of the following: a service representative in an FO, a teleservice representative in a TSC, a customer service technician in a PSC or OCO or a combination of the above. The incumbent will perform the duties below as it relates to his or her assigned area.

    Major Duties

    Interviews beneficiaries, their representatives, and/or the public or responds to their calls and inquiries. Determines the nature of their problem or interest. Explains technical provisions of SSA programs, elicits relevant facts and resolves problems with payments or eligibility. Provides beneficiaries with information about eligibility and benefits being paid under all programs administered by SSA. Screens for all possible entitlement to benefits. Furnishes information to the public about work incentive provisions, compliance with the various beneficiary reporting requirements and submitting appropriate reports to continue, suspend or terminate monthly payments. Explains basis for decisions and appeal rights when inquirers question determinations or decisions. As needed, informs inquirers of different methods of filing a claim. Advises inquirers about filing for benefits online. Offers online services, or schedules phone or in-office appointments. Explains and promotes the agency’s online and automated services.

    Processes Title 2 and/or assigned Title 16 post entitlement workloads using appropriate automation tools and systems inputs. Initiates contacts with beneficiaries or others to obtain reports and clarify inconsistent or incomplete reports. Reviews pertinent material and related folders or electronic records, resolves conflicting statements, evidence and information, and provides full explanations of actions taken or to be taken, citing significant facts on which decisions are based. Investigates and resolves systems-identified discrepancies and questionable situations, such as death alert and centenarian inquiries. Identifies and controls double check negotiations. Makes routine and complex systems inputs to correct or change records of entitlement and eligibility. As assigned, develops and resolves discrepancies in earnings and determines amounts to be posted and/or removed from individual earning records. Advises inquirers about filing for My Social Security Accounts online for direct access to certain post entitlement actions and available information. Completes Registration Customer Support (RCS), when appropriate, and provides guidance and support in completing and maintaining My Social Security Accounts (My SSA).

    Researches case situations and reconciles discrepancies causing interruption in the receipt of Title 2 and Title 16 monthly benefits. Identifies and explains discrepancies in payment amounts which may be caused by garnishments, offset, automatic earnings adjustments, and recomputations. Decides when critical payment procedures should be used in sensitive or dire need situations. Checks for outstanding overpayment and Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) withholding, computes any underpayment due, determines payment amount, completes documentation, initiates input(s), and authorizes payment or makes referral, as delegated.

    Screens inquiries on Title 2 and Title 16 overpayments/offsets and resolves them by recovery, waiver and/or determination that the overpayment did not exist or is uncollectible. Assists inquirers or callers with request for waivers and completion of forms. In Title 2 and Title 16 cases, initiates and processes Requests for Administrative Waiver. In Title 16 cases, processes Requests for Waiver and Recovery Questionnaires. In both Title 2 and Title 16 cases verifies allegations as necessary. Determines if waiver provisions are met, or if a reconsideration is appropriate. Documents files and issues relevant notices or refers subsequent action to field office (FO) Claims Representative, as appropriate.

    Answers questions and resolves problems concerning Medicare eligibility and premium payments, including Parts A, B, C and D. Explains provisions and options for Part D, as well as the process for obtaining "extra help" administered by the agency and the impact of earnings on Medicare premiums, including the Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) provisions. Processes Medicare enrollments appropriately, answers questions and resolves problems concerning Medicare premium payments. Determines corrective action necessary to resolve Hospital Insurance/Supplemental Medical Insurance (HI/SMI) entitlement, premium collection and other benefit entitlement and payment status problems, and takes appropriate action.

    Responds to inquiries regarding Social Security numbers (SSN's,) replacement cards, corrected cards and the actions needed for newborns, adoptions, and aliens. As assigned, processes all SSN applications, while maintaining the integrity of enumeration.

    Recognizes when a representative payee is needed or should be considered. Makes appropriate referral or, if assigned evaluates the qualifications of prospective candidates, assesses capability, selects the preferred payee, and, at specified intervals, reassesses the continuing suitability of current payees. As assigned, initiates contact and resolves discrepancies with the beneficiary's representative or the field office on representative payee accounting reports covering both Title 2 and Title 16 of the Act. May initiate development in potential misuse cases and make appropriate referrals to higher graded employees and/or management.

    Is sensitive to the needs of customers with disabilities by offering special notice options for the visually impaired or blind or handling operator assisted relay calls for the hearing impaired. In identifying language barriers, elicits assistance via Tele-interpreter services to assist customers speaking foreign languages in handling Social Security business.

    Promotes, ensures and complies with security measures in all areas for which incumbent has responsibilities, including the integrity of information obtained through electronic access to the Agency’s computer databases. Properly safeguards personally identifiable information (PII) from loss, theft or improper disclosure including inadvertent disclosure. Immediately notifies management of any breach, loss or potential loss of PII in any form.

    Given the wide range of issues and contacts, the incumbent is a key position to identify:

    Potential fraud issues on cases such as enumeration, SSN misuse, MySSA, auto enroll fraud, representative payee misuse and scrambled earnings. May initiate development and refer the case to management. Prepares fraud referrals to OIG.

    The need for social services and makes appropriate referrals to private, nonprofit or government organizations supplying such services. Handles Medicaid eligibility questions and makes referrals, as appropriate.

    Situations with public affairs implications, or issues of such complexity or magnitude as to warrant referral and refers them to superiors or other organizational components.

    Participates in training sessions as a student and as an instructor. Provides technical assistance to others and may serve as a mentor to other employees.

    As assigned, performs one or more of the following tasks:

    O Assists in the processing of requests for appeals of disability determinations for Title 2 and Title 16 claimants;

    o Initiates and controls actions necessary to recover incorrect payments made after a payee or beneficiary's death. Responds to inquiries from financial organizations and resolves problems involving Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments;

    o Accepts requests to start or stop voluntary tax withholding and explains the withholding rates set by Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Processes the completed W-4V form.

    o Ensure paper items are properly recorded both electronically and in a timely manner.

    o Answers questions and provides assistance with Rep Payee Accounting form, disability eWork reports, Continuing Disability reports, SSA-1099 inquiries, Foreign Enforcement suspensions and reinstatements, and/or changes in income for Title 16 recipients, deemors and non-deemors.

    Participates in special studies by tracking and reporting on specific call types or call characteristics.


    *Must be proficient in the use of computer programs such as Microsoft office and outlook.

    *Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and interview the public face-to-face.


How to apply

Applicants may apply for the position through April 24th


Applicants may apply for the position by forwarding their resume to: Social Security Administration, 30 DR MLK ST., South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, faxing their resume to: 727-823-3902 or emailing the resume to


St. Petersburg, FL 33701
United States
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