Resource Navigator - African American/Black Community Specialist

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Closing date: 13 June 2021

The Community Crisis Response Program at NVFS helps individuals affected by a community crisis by supporting them meet their basic needs through connection to community resources. Resource Navigators serve as a connection between underserved communities and NVFS services. Underserved communities include but are not limited to African American/Black and Spanish-speaking/Latinx communities. Resource Navigators conduct outreach in support of underserved communities to increase awareness and provide education on the services available through NVFS to ensure that all individuals eligible and in need of NVFS services are aware of them and able to access them. 

Resource Navigators provide intake, information and referral, and brief assessment for all callers / assigned cases. They connect individuals to NVFS programs and existing federal, state and local resources for financial and basic needs assistance to meet their crisis-related needs. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this position will be working remotely until at least September 2021.

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Oakton, VA 22124
United States
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