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Closing date: 20 July 2021


The Partnership is committed to continuously building an anti-racist culture that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in classrooms and in our home office. The Manager of Academic Programs will be someone who is excited to keep these values in mind when executing day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is seeking a Manager of Academic Programs to lead our Project Management Team, a sub-team of the Academics Team. The Manager will supervise Associates serving in logistical support roles for the Partnership’s 30+ person Academics Team, and support the project management of multiple academic program work streams. The larger Academics Team spends the majority of its time working closely with teachers and school leaders, and is set up for success with the support of highly organized and proactive Academics Team Associates (i.e. the Project Management Team).

The Manager’s core duties and responsibilities will include leading Project Management Team work through the planning and delegation of academic program supports, coordinating consistent alignment across Project Management Team projects, and leading the execution of logistics support for team events, including large and small group professional development. The Manager will support Academics Team associates in developing project management skills necessary to develop and manage project plans, communicate effectively with school staff and vendors, and work closely with the Finance and Business Affairs team to manage purchasing, bookkeeping, and effective practices for accounting to ensure the Academics Team’s budgets are well utilized in service of our mission. The Manager will ensure high levels of service and satisfaction across a broad range of stakeholders, including school leaders, teachers, district officials, elected officials, vendors, funders, and the partnership home office team. This individual will serve as a key member of the Partnership staff and have a significant impact on the team’s capacity to meet its ambitious goals.

How to apply


Please prepare your resume and a cover letter tailored to this position. You will submit your documents using our online application system here.

For technical assistance or questions, please email Melanie Liu (


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United States
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