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5 Ways VISTA Leaders Support Members and Projects

Thursday, November 12, 2020
2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

The role of the VISTA leader is somewhere between that of a regular VISTA member and a VISTA supervisor, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings – by members, others on the project, and even by leaders themselves. This webinar aims to clear up questions by offering VISTA supervisors and leaders specifics on appropriate ways VISTA leaders can provide support to the VISTA project and members. 

Participants will be able to:
• Describe appropriate ways VISTA leaders can support their members and project
• Identify tasks that are outside the scope of the VISTA leader role
• Identify additional ways they can be involved in supporting their project

NOTE:  This webinar is for VISTA supervisors and leaders. 

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Navigating Working Relationships with Site Supervisors

Thursday, October 8, 2020
2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

Leaders serving with intermediary projects can impact the quality of VISTA projects as they work with a variety of sub-site projects and site supervisors. However, this promising opportunity comes with unique and complex challenges as it involves working with a diversity of site supervisors who represent different communication and work styles, along with various expectations, degrees of knowledge, and time commitment to the VISTA mission and project. During this webinar, you will examine how to establish a process to work effectively with your site supervisors and identity techniques to navigate efficiently through these complexities.

Participants will be able to:

  • describe the complexities and challenges that come along with working with site supervisors

  • review a process for working effectively with site supervisors and site partners

  • identify ways to create a customized approach to working with each site supervisor

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On-Demand Leader Webinars

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Training Your VISTAs Remotely
Examine four cornerstones of effective online training, review options for engaging activities, and find ways to reinforce learning after the training. (Recorded 9/10/2020)

Assessing Professional Development Needs
Explore ways to guide your VISTAs to identify, prioritize, and plan the areas where they want to develop their skills, using practical tools that support the process. Recorded 8/13/2020)

Resilient Leadership
Discover what it means to be resilient, four resilience strategies, and science-based practices to strengthen resilience in yourself and your team. (Recorded 7/16/2020)

Building and Supporting Remote Teams (Recorded 6/25/2020)

VISTA Leader Roles in Member Recruitment (Recorded 4/22/2020)

Maintaining Member Motivation (Recorded 1/22/20200)

Coaching for Performance and Potential (Recorded 9/16/19)

Mindfulness as A Leadership Practice (Recorded 7/13/18)

Designing and Conducting Effective Member Site Visits (Recorded 6/8/18)

Communicating with Confidence (Recorded 5/18/18)

Time Management (Recorded 4/27/18)

Empathy as a Powerful Leadership Tool (Recorded 3/16/18)

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (Recorded 2/16/18)

Enhancing Project Performance (Recorded 12/15/17)

Motivating Your Members (Recorded 10/13/17)

Building Leadership Resilience (Recorded 8/22/17)

Leader's Approach to Stress Management (Recorded 8/18/17)

Leading Positive Change (Recorded 5/12/17)