As a VISTA member, you are entitled to personal leave, medical leave, and leave for certain holidays (those recognized by your sponsor.) Family leave and emergency leave are also available in certain situations. Military service and jury duty can also necessitate a leave of absence, both of which are covered. Here's an overview

  • Personal: 10 personal days for vacation, personal days off, or religious observances
  • Medical: 10 days of medical leave for illness, injury, or medical appointments
  • Parental: For birth or adoption, use personal and medical leave first. The state office director in your state may approve an additional 10 days, for a total of 30 days, if required by your medical professional.
  • Emergency: Up to 5 additional leave days may be granted if natural disaster requires leaving the site or an immediate family member becomes critically ill or dies. Sponsor must approve and notify the state office.
  • Extended Medical Leave: Up to 5 additional medical leave days (for up to a total of 15 medical workdays in a full year of service) may be granted by the state office for situations that require extended recuperation. The CNCS state program director must approve.
  • Military: As required by Military
  • Jury Duty: As necessary

You must request and receive approval in advance from your sponsoring organization/supervisor for personal leave and provide notice, when possible, of medical and emergency leave requests.


Learn about the requirements for each and the process for using them.