VAD Worksheet

AmeriCorps VISTA
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You’ve joined VISTA because you’re inspired to fight poverty. But where do you start? Poverty is a large and complex challenge. How will your activities make a difference?

Your VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) is your roadmap to answering this question. The VAD is similar to a job description in some ways; for example, it details your activities throughout the year. But, unlike most job descriptions, your VAD also gives important clues to how your project and your service will help individuals and families move out of poverty.

Complete the Making Sense of Your VAD worksheet to help you understand how your role will help address poverty. Complete the following steps:

  1. Print out a copy of your VAD
  2. Download and save the Making Sense of Your VAD worksheet.
  3. Set up a time with your supervisor to raise additional questions, clarify anything you’re not quite sure about, and dig into your VAD in more detail.

The following videos will be helpful as you work on the Making Sense of Your VAD worksheet (links to these videos are also included in the worksheet itself):