Project Closure

At the end of the project, it's important to address several logistical matters:


Ask everyone do his or her part. Have project leaders lead volunteers in cleaning up the site/area so well that it looks better than it did when they arrived. All materials should be used, donated to the service site, or stored safely. All tools should be returned to their respective areas. Don't forget to collect trash and dispose of it appropriately.

Celebration and Recognition

Volunteer recognition is a must! You should make sure that volunteers feel appreciated and invite them back to serve again.


Reflection provides volunteers an opportunity to think about their service and how it impacted them personally. Reflection activities help volunteers connect to the mission of the project.


Evaluation and feedback are necessary for improving your projects. The information gathered in these forms will help your program better meet the needs of your volunteers and your community. We already reviewed the importance of reflection earlier in this course.

Now, let's take a look at clean up, celebration and recognition, and evaluation in greater detail.