On-site Logisitics

As the project manager, you will have many responsibilities during the actual service. One of the most important is managing the logistics that will make the event run smoothly. If the logistics are handled well, volunteers will have a more positive experience and be more likely to volunteer with your program again. Many of the project logistics are outlined below.


Have you developed and printed a schedule for the event? Have you briefed the other project leaders regarding the schedule? Have volunteers been assigned as task leaders? Has time been allotted for set-up, breaks, lunch, clean-up, reflection, and evaluation? Are volunteers aware of their scheduled service time?

Access to Event Site

Do volunteers have directions to the event? Is the project site accessible to people with disabilities? If the site is normally closed/secured during the time of your project, who will be available to provide access to the facilities? Is there a place where volunteers can put their personal belongings?


Have you designated an area for volunteer check-in? Have you created registration forms? Do you have pens, pencils, and/or markers? Do you have volunteer name tags? Have you recruited volunteers to manage registration? Have they been trained on the registration procedures? Whom can volunteers contact in case of a cancellation or emergency?

Weather and Attire

Have you made contingency plans in the event of inclement weather? Have you sent back-up plans and contact information to volunteers? Do you know how to contact volunteers in case of an emergency? Do volunteers know how to dress appropriately for the project?


Are there first-aid kits, a water station, phones, blank accident/incident report forms, as well as volunteer safety accessories on site? Do you have volunteer liability waivers that need to be signed in advance? Do you have blank forms on site? Are there special safety concerns for the use of special tools/supplies being used? Are there instructional handouts for any tools or equipment? Do you have a plan to monitor the site for safe use of tools, supplies, or equipment? Do you have a plan to encourage everyone to be safe and have fun?

Food, Beverages, and Breaks

Will there be food and/or beverages at the project? If so, do you have a station designated for this? Do you have a plan to distribute food/beverages to the volunteers? Is there a specific place for volunteers to eat/drink, or can it be anywhere on site? Do you have volunteers designated to staff the food/beverage station and/or distribute items? Do you have a plan to ensure that all volunteers get a break? Do you have a way to secure additional food/beverages if needed?

Reflection and Evaluation

Do you have a plan for facilitating a reflection activity with all volunteers? Do you have space and any supplies you might need for reflection? Do you have a plan for formal or informal evaluation? If needed, have you developed and printed copies of an evaluation survey? Do you have someone designated to manage the evaluation process?