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Training Throughout the VISTA Lifecycle

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET

Training is an essential element of VISTA member performance and retention as well as VISTA project success. VISTA members need support, guidance, and focused information throughout their year of service to accomplish the objectives of their VISTA Assignment Descriptions (VADs) and help the VISTA project be sustainable. This webinar examines training in the context of the VISTA lifecycle and identifies timeframes during which VISTA members can benefit the most from specific training to help them complete their VAD activities and successfully complete their service.

Please join us, and:

  • learn the importance of training for VISTA member success

  • become familiar with trainings offered by the VISTA program

  • recognize specific timeframes in the VISTA lifecycle when training is needed and highly impactful

  • assist your VISTA members with identifying training and development needs based on the VAD

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On-Demand Supervisor Webinars

Click on the title of each webinar listed below to view a recorded video of that webinar, and to access a PDF version of the webinar and other supporting material.

Making the Most of Your On-Site Orientation and Training
Learn how to better prepare your VISTA members before they arrive, so their OSOT experience is more effective. (original webcast 6/13/2019)

Training Throughout the VISTA Lifecycle
VISTA members need support, guidance, and information throughout their year of service to accomplish the objectives of their VISTA Assignment Description (VAD). This webinar identifies timeframes when VISTAs can benefit the most from specific training to help them serve successfully.

Ready, Set, OSOT! Supervisor Q&A
Open office hours / Q&A webinar for VISTA supervisors on On-Site Orientation and Training. This webinar reviews key elements of a successful OSOT plan, answers common questions about the beginning days of OSOT, and identifies tools and resources available on the VISTA Campus.

Orienting Your VISTA Member: Implementing Your OSOT Plan
Hear from fellow VISTA supervisors as they share stories of how to successfully transition from planning to implementing OSOT and how to get your VISTA member started out on the right foot even before they arrive on site. Learn about ways in which you and your VISTA member can assess their skills and readiness for accomplishing their VAD, and how to manage unexpected changes and/or surprises that may arise.

Orienting Your VISTA Member: Planning for Your VISTA Member's Arrival
In this webinar you will learn the key elements to a successful OSOT plan and you will hear stories about successful planning strategies from both a fellow intermediary supervisor and sub-site supervisor. We encourage both intermediary and sub-site supervisors to join us on this webinar.

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Promote Your Opportunity Listings
Learn tips and tricks to generate the most interest in your opportunity listings.

Your Best Recruitment Season!
Join the VISTA Marketing, Outreach, and Recruitment team as we walk you through the planning, development, and execution of your best VISTA recruitment season. We will provide you with the tools and resources to complete a successful recruitment campaign.

Virtual Member Orientation – A new way of preparing VISTA Members for service
In recent years, the VISTA program has trained incoming VISTA candidates through either an in-person Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) or a mixed-modality (PSO Blend). Starting in February 2018, the VISTA program will offer a new approach: a self-directed, online Virtual Member Orientation. Join this webinar to learn about how the Virtual Member Orientation works, and the role of VISTA supervisors in supporting their candidates who participate in it.

Fostering Strong Intermediary and Sub-Site Relationships
Join us to gain a better understanding of what to expect when selecting, leading, and managing one or multiple sub-sites. Learn how to support your sub-sites with project management, VISTA member support, and reporting requirements. You will hear from both a fellow intermediary supervisor and sub-site supervisors as they share practices which have helped create a successful partnership. We encourage both intermediary and sub-site supervisors to join us on this webinar.

Supervisor and Member Q&A: Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience
This session for VISTA supervisors and members was a follow-up to the webinar, "Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience", addressing additional topics around mental health and providing an opportunity to explore additional questions.

Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience
This session explores how to identify and respond to stress, compassion fatigue, and other potentially more serious emotional and mental health issues. Learn how to take care of yourself, how to provide support to others, and what resources are available to ensure the emotional and mental well-being of VISTA members.

Combating the Three-Month Slump
This webinar explores topics that will help supervisors facilitate important slump recovery, including: slump signs and signals, risk and resiliency factors, self-care and coaching conversations that matter. Gain important insight from experienced VISTA supervisors and members on how to go from slump to success!

Planning Your Member's Training and Professional Development
Hear from current supervisors about their specific successes and challenges in designing, implementing, and identifying trainings and other professional development opportunities. Speakers will represent different VISTA project types from around the country. In addition, we will share concrete resources (e.g., websites, sample tools) and open the floor to hear from you about ways you have provided on-going training and professional growth opportunities to your VISTA members.

The Importance of the VAD in VISTA Projects
Regardless of whether you are a veteran or a brand new VISTA supervisor, you have most likely experienced difficulties in effectively implementing the VAD. You're not alone! Join us for a webinar as we discuss why issues with the VAD arise and what you can do to help mitigate these issues.

Coordinating Data Collection for AmeriCorps VISTA Projects
Are you a project sponsor at an intermediary organization or a single-site VISTA project who is responsible for identifying performance measurement tools, coordinating data collection and submitting reports for your project? Did you inherit your role and need a brief refresher on what type of data to collect to meet program requirements? Are you in need of tools for data collection? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please join us for this informative webinar focused on coordinating data collection for AmeriCorps VISTA projects.

Coach Your VISTA Members to Success
Join us for this 90 minute session to learn tips for strengthening your coaching skills, improve your supervisor-VISTA member communication, and positively impact project work.

AmeriCorps VISTA Hosts: Supervisor Q&A Open Hours
Address common questions related to reporting and VISTA member management. Provide a space for supervisors to ask unresolved questions. Provide supervisors with opportunities to connect with each other after the session.

The Art and Science of AmeriCorps VISTA Recruiting
This webinar will explore current trends in AmeriCorps VISTA recruiting, cover the basic concepts for developing a recruitment strategy, and engage multiple ways to recruit and retain the best talent to serve your organization.

Sub-site Supervisor Orientation
This webinar will focus on the critical responsibilities and tasks expected of you and will help you discover a framework for understanding your overlapping roles as a supervisor. This webinar is tailored for sub-site supervisors who did not attend Supervisors Orientation. (revised 2/22/2017)

Overcoming Common Roadblocks to a Successful On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT)
In this session, you will explore how to overcome common hurdles around successfully onboarding your new VISTA member. We will discuss how to ensure your onsite orientation includes responsive training aligned to the unique strengths of each VISTA and is customized to the varied responsibilities of members participating in either PSO Blend or PSO Classic.

Helping Your Members Thrive
This session includes firsthand accounts from members who have thrived during service, as well as stories of supervisors who inspired them.

Managing VISTAs: Fundamental Supervisory Skills
You will gain insight into what to expect when leading and managing a VISTA member, learn how to set a VISTA member up for success on their project, and understand how to better support the professional growth of a VISTA member throughout their service year.

8 VISTA Member Retention Strategies You Can't Ignore
Explore key places in the lifecycle of a VISTA project where supervisors can provide both important resources and one-on-one guidance to their VISTAs that will increase member success and satisfaction.

Reporting Roles and Responsibilities for AmeriCorps VISTA Projects
This webinar provides valuable information on project management, record keeping and reporting responsibilities for AmeriCorps VISTA projects, including tools for collecting performance measurement data, and data and reports such as the Project Progress Reports (PPRs).

Supervisors & VISTAs Planning Together for Life After VISTA
A year goes by fast, and when it comes time to end service, do you know what the next steps are? Supervisors and VISTA members can work in tandem to ensure a successful transition post service for both the program and the VISTAs.

Beyond VISTA: Project Sustainability Approaches & Strategies
VISTA projects are developed with a goal to phase out the need for VISTA members by strengthening the capacity of the sponsoring sites and engaging community members to ensure project impact persists long after their departure. Explore effective practices and ways you can partner with your VISTA member(s) to maximize your project's ability to fulfill its mission. (revised 4/19/2016)

Crafting a Compelling Service Opportunity Listing
Learn how to make an engaging and complete Service Opportunity Listing that attracts well-informed and passionate candidates. We will explore how to create a snappy two-line teaser, the key elements to a listing and the relationship between your listing and your VADs.

Writing Fabulous VADs
Join us to review the key elements that make up an effective VAD that will guide members to build capacity and engage community in the organization where they will serve.

Strategies for Connecting with Sites & VISTAs at a Distance
No matter what size the team or how far the distance, leading remote teams is a challenging task that requires intentionality and creative planning to foster a supportive environment.

Retaining VISTAs Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Explore key places in the lifecycle of a VISTA project where supervisors can provide both important resources and one-on-one guidance to their VISTAs that will increase member success and satisfaction.

eGrants Demystified: The Insider’s Guide
eGrants is the go-to system for member management. Mastering eGrants can mean the difference between smooth sailing and rough seas ahead. Preview the system and learn the ropes from experienced state office staff members who provide eGrants coaching on a regular basis.

Supervisor Circle: Focus on Recruitment
This interactive session will include a variety of guest speakers who will address topics that you submit during registration. This is an opportunity to bring recruitment strategies and questions as well as successes and challenges to the table, and brainstorm solutions in a supportive environment.

OSOT Makeover
Does your on-site orientation and training (OSOT) need a makeover? Looking for ways to customize your training or add interactive elements? Curious about what others are doing? Whether you are an established project or just starting out, everyone can benefit from new techniques and tools to freshen-up their OSOT.

End-of-Service Transition: Preparing Your Organization and VISTAs for Life After Service
A year goes by fast, and when it comes time for your VISTAs to end service, do you know what the next steps are? Join us to learn more about how you and your VISTA can ensure a successful transition after your VISTA leaves, how to help prepare members for the next steps in their professional or educational careers, and what the important administrative requirements are associated with VISTAs ending service.

Strengthening VADs and Service Opportunity Listings
VISTA Assignment Description, or (VAD), is the foundation on which the entire VISTA member experience is built. Presenting a VISTA with a strong VAD from the start of service ensures the member knows what they will be doing and how they will be building capacity for your project. The VAD should inspire your Service Opportunity Listing so candidates can be well informed and intrigued from the start. Join us to review the key elements that make up an effective VAD and discover how VADs can inspire engaging Service Opportunity (originally broadcast 2/17/15).

Elements of a Recruitment Plan
Why plan? Taking the time upfront to develop a recruitment plan can save you time, clarify staff roles, and help you identify tasks and resources you will need to ensure you have candidates in place by key deadlines. Explore the elements and resources needed to create a VISTA recruitment plan with this recorded webinar (originally broadcast 1/20/15).

Leveraging the VISTA Campus for Project Training
Looking for resources to provide ongoing training for VISTA members? Need templates and documents to onboard and support new sub-site supervisors? Wish there was a way to easily “recommend” online resources to members and supervisors? Join us to explore training and development resources for VISTA members and sub-site supervisors available through the new VISTA Campus (originally broadcast 12/16/14).

Your First Five Plays
This session highlights important tasks including onboarding, reporting, eGrants, and more.

Next Steps After Orientation
This session features reflections from new supervisors and helps you find report deadlines, key documents, and checklists.

Preparing for Life After VISTA
How can you help your VISTAs to build sustainability into their project and move to the next chapter of their professional lives? Explore the full meaning of "End-of-Service Transition."

Recruiting: Attracting Successful VISTAs
Discover practices that other supervisors use to find people with the potential to succeed, determine the best fit through targeted screening and interviewing, and streamline the recruitment process.

Introduction to Training Your Sub-Site Supervisors
Discover effective practices to train and support sub-site supervisors.

Cost Share Billing: Pay Now Functionality Overview
This webinar introduces the Pay Now system that cost share sponsors can use for paying invoices.Original webcast July 30, 2014.