Ongoing Training


The On-site Orientation and Training (OSOT) should not be the only training a VISTA member receives. A long-term training and development plan can address your organization or program’s changing needs and also meet VISTA members’ expectations for professional development. Use the tools here to plan and design ongoing formal and informal training opportunities for your members.

Building a Training Calendar

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Explore factors to consider when developing a training calendar for your members. Learn about optimum times of the year for specific training events, and use a template to develop your own calendar.
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Resources from PSO

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Access resources from VISTA Pre-Service Orientation (PSO)
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Leadership Training Module

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Apply these facilitative training resources to help your VISTAs grow into leadership roles.
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Community Awareness

Use this resource to learn important considerations when entering a new community.
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VISTA Webinars

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Webinars are offered on a range of topics to help VISTAs enhance their skills and make the most of their VISTA year.
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