VISTA History and Mission

  • Member Handbook
    Use this as a reference resource on a wide array of topics related to your VISTA experience.
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    Since 1965, VISTA has engaged volunteers to alleviate poverty in the United States. This interactive timeline pays tribute to our roots, our volunteers, and the program’s future.
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  • Document
    Explore this research study that looks at the outcomes and impacts of national service on individuals who served in AmeriCorps State and National and NCCC.
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    Access a wide collection of informational and learning resources related to national and community service.
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    Explore the Corporation for National and Community Service website to find information about its programs, focus areas, special initiatives and more.
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    Learn about AmeriCorps VISTA, including the program's history and information on becoming a member or sponsor.
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    Learn key information about the VISTA program, and becoming a VISTA member or project sponsor.
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  • Learn about VISTA and make the decision on whether to pursue a VISTA project with this tutorial.
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  • Video
    Watch this video featuring CNCS state directors talk about successful VISTA projects and the impact they have made in communities nationwide.
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  • Multimedia resource
    Watch a slideshow highlighting VISTAs who have served in communities around the country over the program's history.
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